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Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Perhaps, when you are worried or depressed, you are trying to sleep, or go to your friends and sometimes a cup of coffee is a better solution, but now, Japanese scientists have found that, once a week, crying for a changing your mood is more effective.

Hidofarmi Yoshida, Japanese scientist, who has long been aware of the benefits of seeing when tired and sad, told people that to hear tragic music, watch disastrous movies and study sad books, although they are considered to be negative stimuli, but such functions also have a positive result.

Yoshida added that these activities it will be stimulated the “Parasamptic” neural activity, in which case reduce the heart beat and ultimately leads to a nervous relaxation. Japanese scientists asked 79 students to see tragedy and sad movies and then express their feelings; at the end, all of those students said that after watching these films they feel relaxed and nervous.

Earlier, there were also be some reports about effectiveness of crying, including research in 2008 with subscription 30 thousand. In this research, it was even recommended that cry must be a part of treatment of mental illness.


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