Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

The Dahana-e-Ghouri district of Baghlan, which has been in the hands of the Taliban for three years, has now become one of the most dangerous districts and a strategic military base for the Taliban. According to reports, the Taliban in Dahana-e-Ghouri district are now creating bases in which the group fighters achieve training for the newly recruited combatants of the group. In addition, some sources have said that most of the Taliban’s major plans for the North Eastern zone are planned in the same district.

On the one hand, a security source who does not want to be named, emphasizes that the Taliban in this district have gathered at least 700 warriors and made their movements wider in the area. Dahana-e-Ghouri district of Baghlan is bordered by Tala-Wa- Barfak districts, Dushi, Puli-Khumri, Dand-e-Ghouri and Samangan provinces. Last year, Afghan National Army Special Forces and US troops managed to evacuate the district after a year of seizing by Taliban, but after four days, the Dahana-e-Ghouri district fell into the hands of the Taliban and so far dominated the district.

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