Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Second Vice President Sarwar Danish in a ceremony held on the occasion of the 3rd graduation festival of students of various universities of the country called for the announcement of the primary results of the 28 September presidential elections as soon as possible.

Delivering speech in the ceremony, the second vice president asserted that unfortunately, votes of the people were being hostage despite all efforts made in this regard, stressing that Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) should not let the people’s destiny to be played anymore and it should announce the primary results. “It is more than two months that both the commissions and the people’s votes have been taken hostage,” Danesh said. “We call on the Independent Election Commission now that the vote recount has been completed in all 34 provinces, it should not allow the people’s fate to be played anymore and it should announce the preliminary results as soon as possible and everyone should respect the commission’s decision.” He said that anyone who has complaints should refer to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission as it is a legitimate source for this purpose.

The second vice president also by pointing to political changes in the country in particular ongoing peace talks said Afghanistan government has supported any steps taken for peace talks so far, but the Taliban group has spared no efforts for terror in the country despite the fact that they were raising the motto of peace-loving policies. Danesh stressed that for building confidence and trust, peace talks should start under the ownership and leadership of the Afghanistan government, stressing on maintaining a ceasefire soon after peace talks began. He added that it would not be a fair and lasting peace if all human and civil values were not protected. In the ceremony,
Danesh read out some official figures about the country’s education system and said he sees a tremendous improvement in this area compared to the past.

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