Pasbanan- Kabul:

Kabul police commander has ordered his subordinates in emergency cases they are allowed to kill thieves and criminals. Dawood Amin, Kabul Police commander said in a press conference: “all thieves and criminal groups are under police purist and I have order Kabul police in some cases shot down all criminals and eliminate them.”

Mr. Amin also added that in recent two months Kabul police detained 500 criminals in different cases also they have seized around 70 kilograms of drugs from traffickers. He also emphasized that during several operations police has got several military equipment’s and guns from non-responsible groups and they are snatched by them.

Kabul police commander also emphasized: “in this period of time we have arrested two kidnappers and also recapture several vehicles from thieves and we have given the vehicles to their owners.” Mr. Dawood Amin said: Kabul police has launched 100 operations in several districts of Kabul to eliminate criminals and police is ordered to deal so hard with criminals and all gangs who are willing to insecure the society.

Last night several armed thieves were prostituted by police that they fired on authorities in Kartai Parwan during these clashes at least one police officer was killed and several others got injured.


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