Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Saadat

The High Peace Council has announced in a newsletter that Mohammad Omar Dawoodzai, the Special Envoy of the President for Regional Affairs and the Head of the High Peace Council Secretariat, has met with the Indian National Security Council’s advisers Ajeet Deol, in Delhi today, according to the newsletter. It is also said that the two sides discussed the role of India in providing security and the peace process in Afghanistan.

The High Peace Council newsletter has also added that during this visit, Mr. Dawoodzai emphasized on the importance of efforts and cooperation of the regional countries, especially India, in the Afghan peace process, and considered it possible to provide peace with the leadership and government of Afghanistan. The Indian National Security Advisor said at the meeting that the battle is not the only solution for ending the crisis in Afghanistan and peace should be provided through direct dialogue and good governance of the Afghan government.

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