Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Afghanistan High Peace Council has announced that tomorrow, Mohammad Omar Dawoodzai, the Secretariat head of this Council, is expected to visit Tehran for seeking real support of direct peace talks with Taliban. The Peace Council spokesman, Sayed Ehsanullah Taheri, said: “Mr. Dawoodzai will meet tomorrow with senior Iranian officials including the President Hassan Rohani, the Foreign Minister, and his national security adviser. The purpose of the visit will be to achieve the full support of Iran for direct peace talks with the Taliban.”

Mr. Taheri added: “The focus of this discussion will be to draw on cooperation to begin direct talks between the government and the Taliban. He has stated: “We need regional partners, especially the Afghan neighbors, to be part of the national unity government efforts for peace in the country and to expand their cooperation. Any country that cooperates with us in starting direct talks on peace with the Taliban, they must know that the people of this land will never forget their efforts, but in the aftermath of the Afghan war, these countries should not see their own interest. ”

This trip would be made in a time that the Afghan National Security Advisor, in a conversation with the media in Washington, said Washington’s direct talks with the Taliban meant to marginalize the Afghan government.

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