Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi

While the Taliban claimed to be captured by the Police Headquarters in the district of De Yak in Ghazni province. But local officials reject the Taliban’s claim.

Ghazni governor spokesman Arif Nouri denied claims by Taliban spokesmen about capturing the Ten Commandments district police headquarters. He added that the Taliban attacked security forces at the security forces in the district of De yak, which was hit by security forces Thursday night. According to Nouri, four policemen were killed and three other soldiers injured in the clash.

He added that 15 Taliban had been killed in the clash.

But Taliban Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that the militants of the group captured the 10th Police Chief and killed 35 soldiers in the Pulse.

On the other hand, Ghazni police spokesman Ahmad Khan Siret also rejects the Taliban’s claim. The De Yak District Commandos Police Headquarters is in control of the security forces and the Taliban’s attack has been retarded.

This is where the security forces in Ghazni, carrying out a joint operation in July, removed the De Yak district building from the Taliban from capturing the Taliban and taking control of it. Based on local sources in the district, it has been controlling the Taliban for two years

The security forces also regained control of the province of Qajar-e-Omari in the July district of Ghazni province. The district was captured by the Taliban for a year.

According to the Ghazni local government, the Nawa districts and provincial civilian districts are currently in full possession of the Taliban and five other districts are partly under Taliban control.

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