Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

According to reports, three army soldiers who were brothers died at the same time as a roadside mine blast in Faryab. The three brothers fought against the armed opposition in one stronghold, and when they were deployed to the Pashtun Koot of Faryab district to track down the Taliban, they collided with mines on the road and lost their lives. It is said that these three brothers were named Mohammad Sediq, Gul Mohammad and Abdul Rasoul, but the Ministry of Defense has not yet provided further details on this event.

In the past month, the Pashtun Koot district of Faryab has been witnessing the most violent attacks on the armed opposition, and in the past few days, several security checkpoints have been fall down to the Taliban hand in the district and again the afghan forces were able to recapture the fallen check posts under the reinstatement of the government. One day ago, Ghaibullah Sadat, Faryab police commander, also got wounded but his injuries were at surface, the incident caused of the mine explosion while Faryab police launch a cleaning operation to defuse Taliban treat in parts of the violated Pashtun Koot district. Mr. Sadat’s health condition has been reported well.

Meanwhile the 209 Shaheen Corps, claimed that now a massive operation has been launched to clear the unsafe areas of Faryab, which has inflicted heavy casualties to the armed opposition. Based on the claim of the Shaheen Army Corps, in the course of the operation, eight local commanders were killed and 39 others were wounded. In addition, an arsenal of weapons and equipment’s were also seized in to the hand of Afghan army forces who are involved in the operation.

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