Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad din Agharkhail

Image: Mortaza Haidari

On the last day of government officials responded to the citizens of the country today (Thursday 25th of April), Acting Minister of Defense, Asadullah Khalid, was present at the Government Media Center. This security officials of the National Unity government have announced that within a few months, army and police forces have launched their offensive attacks against Taliban and ISIL terrorist groups. They emphasize that Afghan security and defense forces have been able to fight against terrorists with high morale.

Security officials count their achievements in the past year as follows:

The removal of small security checkpoints and the creation of large outposts, the creation of strong defense posts in the areas with high-risk, the achieving of 8 Sisna 208 aircraft, and the surrender of nine other wings next year, the achieving of the MD530 helicopters enrichment forces Army rejuvenation of the army, the commissioning of 2,858 young people to key positions and the identity of 99.9 per cent of the country’s defense forces, reviewing criminal cases of at least 3003 military records, including 633 officers, 1754 military officers and other military officials.

The head of the Defense Ministry has also said that currently 90 percent of the ministry’s budget has been spent and that the Ministry of Defense’s human resources management will soon be electrified, and this process has been completed up to 93 percent. Along with that, Mr. Khalid has announced that at least a 5 percent increase in the salaries of military personnel of the Ministry of Defense has been made by them.

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