Pasbanan- Kabul:

After 48 hours of Taliban offensive operation in Farah province, the defense ministry has released a newsletter and according to the letter, they have claimed that in these clashes at least 90 insurgents were killed and injured. Defense Ministry newsletter also adds: that several Taliban fighters were gathered from different parts of the country and their goal was to capture Farah province and pose a new challenge to Afghan forces in this area. The defense ministry has also said that during clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban at least 45 fighters of this group were killed and 45 others got injured.

The defense ministry has also written that during these clashes in Farah at least 16 military personals of National army got killed and 4 others were injured. These statics are provided by defense ministry in a time that according to a security source who was speaking in condition of anonymity told Pasbanan that at least 20 military personals of Civil Order forces were killed during clashes in Farah.


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