Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mortaza Haidari

The protest against Herat’s mayor continued for the second day. Herat provincial council vice chairman Tooralai Taheri, one of the main protesters in the protest of Herat citizens, told media that Dawood Anwari was the most inefficient Mayor of Herat, and his inadequacies caused Herat’s municipality’s development budget to return to Kabul. Mr. Taheri also claimed that the current mayor did not manage the beauty of Herat with losing 300 million Afghans.

Herat provincial council official insists that Herat has at least 4 million residents and that the municipality must strive more than anything else for the construction of this ancient and primordial city. He also claimed that the Mayor of Herat had failed in his work and had to step aside for no reason. Meanwhile, Herat mayor Dawood Anwari has said he has been threatened to death by protesters.

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