Pasbanan- Kabul:

The US Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan, John Sopko, has written in a letter to the US Congress that, over the past 11 years, more than $ 15 billion of US aid was desperate in Afghanistan. The letter also states that three US Congressmen called Afghanistan the “dungeon” of the past year, saying that Americans should know where their taxes are spent.

Meanwhile, in response to questions from these three delegates to the US Congress, after a 10-month investigation, SIGAR reported that over $ 15 million over 11 years has been disappeared in Afghanistan. However, part of the letter states that $ 7.3 billion was also spent on the elimination of drugs in Afghanistan, which has not consumed this amount. But drug production in Afghanistan has increased since 2002.

At the same time, SIGAR has highlighted that a part of this money was spent for supporting terrorism and hardship. Mr. Sopko also said that more than $ 4 billion allocated to Afghanistan’s stability programs has led to increased corruption and support for insurgents.


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