Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

Mohammad Shoaib Sabet, governor of Farah, told media that the effects of snow and rain and flooding in the province have caused massive destruction which has caused at least 70 percent of is destroyed Farah has been gone under water, and the citizens of this city are facing a lot of challenges. The governor of Farah province emphasizes that the floods in the province have caused an outbreak of diseases and a shortage of drinking water. Mr. Sabet also emphasized that the recent floods in Farah, in addition to residential houses, have completely destroyed the lands, gardens, and wells of citizens.

According to the governor of Farah since 1972 onwards, this is the most unprecedented natural event that has caused human tragedy in Farah. He stressed that one of the serious concerns of the people of Farah is the pollution of groundwater in the province and now they receive drinking water using tankers.

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