Commander of the Khanjar Seventh Company of Special operations in Helmand says: Due to the operation of their subordinates, they have been able to destroy an important terrorist Base in the Marjah district of Helmand. Monib Amiri, Commander of the Khanjar Company told to Pasbanan News agency: The operation caused the destruction of an enemy landmine factory in this district.

Additionally, media authorities of Khanjar company has released a newsletter in their official Facebook page, according to this newsletter, during accomplishment of this operation their forces were able to seize two basic ICOM transmissions, A central transmitter, Eight antennae of ICOMS transmitter, A Kalashnikov Magazine with 50 pixels, also they were able to destroy a mine making factory with 50 kg explosive materials. At the same time Commando forces has been able to vanish 3 operational centers of Taliban in Marjah district.

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