Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

The Taliban blew up an irrigation canal last night in the district of Dawlatyar of Ghour, it is said that this irrigation canal was the largest source of for the agricultural lands in the Dawlatyar district of Ghour. According to the residents of Dawlatyar district, by this canal, nearly 5,000 acres of irrigated land would be irrigated, but with the destruction this canal the people of the district will face a lot of problems.

According to them, the irrigation canal was 22 kilometers long, which was destroyed last night by the Taliban group. The locals urge the local and central government to pay close attention to the security of the Dawlatyar district and prevent the Taliban’s terrorist activities in the district. “Last night, the Taliban destroyed the large irrigation canal which is located in the eastern part of the district, this canal was broke down by the mine explosion.” Said Mohammad Musa Kalim, the district governor of Dawlatyar. He has also stated that In order to determine the extent of the destruction of this channel, the local government delegation has now been sent to the region for examination.

Dawlatyar district has recently witnessed the active presence of the Taliban group, in which the group has launched a series of attacks in the distant weeks against security forces and popular uprisings forces in the district.

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