Pasbanan- Kabul:
While Kabul process meeting was criticized, but Afghan government has provided some taught answers to regional countries concerns, who are believed supporting terror groups. According to new evidence reached by Pasbanan news website, National security advisor has exposed the equipping and funding sources of terror groups in the country and has provided 7 proposals to all countries participated including regional countries such us Russia, Iran, and Pakistan in this meeting; that are included: accurate understanding of regional terror groups; separation of Taliban and Haqani network from regional terror groups; Attracting co-operation with the Afghan government; reaching joint agreement with regional countries that their fighters are in Afghanistan; joint fight against all extremist groups and drug traffickers; pathology of terror group presence in Afghanistan and attracting Islamic clerks against these groups.
Mohammad Hanif Atmar, National Security Advisor has stressed: “Afghanistan peace strategy is not only for implementing peace as well as fighting against global terrorists. We are looking to separate Taliban and Haqqani network from foreign fighters and if we achieve this goal this would be a great contribution to regional and global counter-terrorism. These foreign fighters will not have a localhost. While the local host is invited for peace, but the foreign terrorist groups are not welcome to this country and they will have to be defeated.”
Mr. Atmar also said that Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan have agreed to defeat terror groups, he has underlined that Kabul, Tehran, and Tashkent have also agreed on security and counternarcotics. He added: if you ask from foreign fighters that are in Afghan prisons you will find that all of them are bound with regional countries. This afghan official has also highlighted that the evidence shows terrorists are in Afghanistan with their families.
The documents also show Mr. Atmar has told representatives of Russia, Iran, and Pakistan: “we would like to make that available to all of you. You can interview these people and you can find out for yourself as to what kind of terrorist infrastructure, support infrastructure that they draw on. We would like to reach a bilateral agreement for extradition, for both prosecution and reintegration and fortunately, some of them come with their families, with their kids. One sad story is that terrorist leaders are often frost to have their families, so that can provide a guarantee for what they are supposed to be doing.”
He also suggested all the participants: “let’s have a joint review of the existence of the foreign fighters in Afghanistan and in the region. We often hear about ideas that these foreign fighters are moved from one region to another region. But the evidence that we have, this not support those claims. What we are offering to you is that given the detainees that we have and the patterns that already established and an enormous amount of intelligence available, we will provide you with access to that. Let’s want together, have a joint assessment of who they are, where they are supported, what kind of infrastructure is available to them and what can we do together to defeat them.”
Mr. Atmar has also mentioned: this is not yet another chapter for a blame game. This is not what we are trying to achieve. What we are trying to achieve is a common understanding with every one of you that this is a common threat and Afghanistan is your partner in defeating this threat.

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