Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Archaeologists have discovered mummies that are said to have grown over several thousand years, and they find the findings from the biggest discovery in 2019. Egyptian archaeologists say: The tomb was found in which 50 bodies of mummies belong to the Ptolemy covenant in southern Cairo. The discovered mummies date back to the first and fourth centuries BC, including 50 mummies, 12 mummies are kids.

The identity of the mummies is not yet elaborate, but the method of mummifying them belongs to the classroom of the community. Some of these mummies are buried in linen fabrics and others in wooden caskets. According to the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, these mummies remain healthy even from the eastern Roman era.

The identity of these mummies is still unknown, but they are said to have had a significant social status. This is the first findings of 2019 and is the result of Mina’s university research.

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