Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

The Ministry of Education dismissed 48 contract staff from their jobs, which received 150,000 AFN per month salaries from the ministry. According to Mirwais Balkhi, the acting minister of Education Ministry, these staffs were recruited as he was appointed as the acting head of Afghan Education Ministry, but without any monthly gain for the Ministry of Education, they were received 150,000 Afghani from the budget of this ministry.

Mr. Balkhi has said that monthly these employees of Education ministry were having a high-level salary and the MOE was obliged to pay a huge amount of money for these employees in monthly bases and these people were working as contractors. It is said that these employees were receiving at least 7 million and two hundred thousand Afghani and in one year the ministry was paying them to eighty-six million and four hundred Afghanistan in total for all the employees. It is said that the equivalent of one million and one hundred thousand US dollars. The Ministry of Education can build 10 schools in a fundamental way.

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