Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The most recent reports show that General Habibullah Ahmadzai has accused the organ of having a six-person ring to promote prostitution in Afghanistan.

But presidential spokesman Aaron Chkhansuri has quoted Ahmadzai’s allegation of moral corruption in the citadel as totally unfounded and alleging personal hostility.

Mr. Chkhansuri said today at a news conference in Kabul that Mr. Ahmadzai must file his case with the Prosecutor General’s Office with documents and documents in order to decide on it in the light of the law.

Recently, however, General Habibullah Ahmadzai, in an interview with a private television station in Kabul, said he had reached the peak of moral corruption in the Presidential Election Corps. He claimed that women were not based on merits, but rather on the basis of illegitimate relationships.

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