Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Sar-i-Pul Provincial Council says: Three thousand families have been displaced in recent insecurity in Sancharak district.

These unprotected families are in bad shape and need urgent help. Mr. Rahmani adds: In the Challenges of the Sancarak District, three thousand families have been displaced from Ax, Axis, Khajeh, Daetum, Passage, Anchor to the provincial capital, and the neighborhoods of Sangarak Castle and Shepherd City, whose situation is alarming, and these internally displaced persons in the schools of this center Provincial government has taken refuge.

Governor Zabiullah Amani, spokesman for Sri Pullah, said: The weather has been slowed down due to air defeat, and land operations have also been difficult. Because the enemy uses the houses of the people as trenches, we try to not harm the homes of the people.

While Saripul is one of the insecure provinces in northern Afghanistan, several districts of this province are now witnessing the widespread presence of the Taliban. The provincial district of Kohistan has been in control of the Taliban for two years.

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