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Reporter: Imran Khorasani

Source: Reuters

Disrupted of the Nazi nuclear program, died at the age of 99. Narveson, Javashim Rennberg, the head of the subversive operation “Attack on Heavy Water Producers” during the Second World War died at the age of 99. According to Reuters, “Joachim Rennberg” in 1943 led the disruptive group of “destructive operations to destroy heavy water plants” at the Norwegian nuclear power plant “Vimark”, which was important for the production of nuclear bombs. The Norwegian authorities called Rennberg “the leader of a bold attack,” aimed at eliminating Nazis nuclear ambitions.

Although they questioned the ability of the Third Reich to create a nuclear bomb at that time, they simultaneously confessed that it was difficult to prevent the dangers in those years. The first operation of this group was defeated. At that time, a number of disrupters collided with rocks during the landing, and another number was arrested by the Gestapo. In the second operation, the soldiers succeeded, and after the ruin, the water production plant was not restored and the remaining water was transferred back to Germany.

One of the most important reasons for the German attack on Norway was the presence of heavy water at one of the country’s power plants. By attacking the plant, scientists forced it to increase the production of this type of heavy water that was freezing at 4 ° C. In 1942 more than one Ton of heavy water was transported to Germany. But the Narcotic resistance, as well as the destruction of the power plant, made the Nazi party fail to attain a nuclear bomb at that time.

It was only 11 months after the events that Germany was besieged and left the war to the opposing forces. Rennberg was born in 1919 in the city of Essendon, Norway. He fled to England after the Germans invaded Norway in 1940, where he completed his military training and was assigned to a mission in Windhoek. After the victory of the allies, he became a radio journalist and died in October 2018.

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