Pasbanan- Kabul:

While Central directorate of registering population is waiting for orders of presidential palace to start distribution of electrical ID cards, 50 percent share partner of government calls for a delay in this process. In fact, distribution of these ID cards can create a new chapter in Afghanistan, since by distributing birth certificate, government will be able to have census of Afghan population and reduce the incidence of crime, and ultimately, it will also simplify process of daily trading, but now perhaps it’s seen that process of distributing this important document for citizens of the country will remain in dependability of political leaders. While Afghan citizens are waiting to achieve their electrical ID cards for four years, many times, inclusion such as nationality, ethnic group and religion words, have created a huge wall of challenges for process of distributing this important citizenship document.

The fundamental concern here is that non-distribution of electrical identity cards will lead to widespread corruption in upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, a case that is attributed to current leadership’s powers to find new opportunities for future power engineering to maintaining it. Sapidar Palace has caused the delay in distributing birth certificates to be a national consensus. Given all the benefits of birth certificate, the question is why citizens of Afghanistan have been silent and their fate depends on personal interests of some political figures. So far, the government has not been able to give them a lot of slogans to secure citizens’ rights. Sometimes small issues can make this national and worthwhile trend problematic for Afghanistan progress and sometimes politicians are struggling to survive and secure their interests instead of citizen’s interest in the country.

On the other hand, the losses caused by non-distribution of these ID cards to Afghan citizens are a big question. While in past 17 years, current and past governments do not have an accurate statistics from their citizens. In addition citizens are to not reaching to their rights, it has has challenged the country’s development process and citizens in many villages and districts of Afghanistan They are deprived of their right and their citizenship privileges. But more dangerous than that, use of ordinary identity cards will make the insurgents more vulnerable to influence in security forces ranks and other important government structures. The case for current and the governments that succeed will be more risky. What’s worrying is that if, in a matter of weeks, bargaining of politicians does not come up to the desired outcome, will this process once again stalled?

Citizen’s concern is that in case of beginning, this process will lead to an increase in ethnic tensions in the country, but in order to survive, all citizens need to be stop supporting of selfish politicians and save themselves, because in 21st century, concepts such as ethnic and linguistic gaps, with exception have no meanings expect a good reason for the enemy and regional adversaries, to get more benefits from this process. Contrary to the impression, these cases will make violence more widespread every day. It is also suggested for younger generation to avoid issues that increase such tensions and anomalies.

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