Reporter: Shekib Zaheer

Fighting the terrorist, a monster sacrificing the children of Afghanistan every day. The 18-year-old tanker of the region’s intelligence battlefield is getting hotter every day, and the security and defense forces of this land, like firewood, burn in this alien fire.

According to statistics provided by the presidency over three years later, nearly 30,000 Afghan troops have been killed and more than 10,000 have been wounded. In this report, we have talked to a family of a security forces victim, but for security reasons, family members have named their names.

Shah Wali A 65-year-old man who lost his two children in the army and buried both unmarried young people in one day, has a painful narrative of the death of his children. Shah Wali now lives in one of Kabul’s districts. Medium life with 8 members in her family suffers a bitter sadness in her sad life. The painful tale of this man begins with the death of his two young children after a moment of silence. In deep imagination, he defines the story with the desires of his children.

Ahmad and Mahmoud , two children who were 28 and 30 years old, lost two months ago in a battle with Taliban terrorists in Nad Ali district of Helmand. Ahmed, 28, and Mahmoud, 30, had many aspirations against the Taliban who were shot dead in a battle; Mahmoud had a wedding and had four children; he had served at least eight years in the Afghan army. Ahmed had just had a wedding and his wife had a child in her nose, born without fuss.

For Shah Wali, it’s a difficult moment to call his little sister Mahmoud, talking to his pictures. The last child of Mahmoud Mahib has just started talking, but alas, he will not see the face of his father. She trampled her throat and did not allow the tears of the 65-year-old’s eyes to speak with us.

Shah Wali believes that his children have sacrificed to Afghanistan and are proud of him. He emphasized that his children had not joined the regime for money, but their cause was to defend the land and support the citizens of this land. He wants people from Afghanistan, he says: people must be ally and do not waste the victims of security forces with ethnic and linguistic prejudice.

He refers to the subsequent developments in the country and seeks peace as a sacrifice for his children, but it provides a prerequisite for the government, as if the Taliban were to join the process, their crimes should not be waived and their perpetrators should be punished.

The war has sacrificed most of Afghanistan’s troops in 18 years; Afghanistan currently has 352,000 troops, which in addition to the Taliban, at least these forces are struggling against the 20 terrorist groups, most of them fighters in the region, to shield any breasts. They are

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