Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

The former US envoy James Dobbins former US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan warns that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is damaging before the peace agreement with the Taliban comes into implementation. “If the Americans leave Afghanistan before the peace treaty with the Taliban comes into execution, the country will return to the past,” the former US official said. “I believe that in the event of early withdrawal, Afghanistan will be a safe haven for al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. If this is done after the agreement is implemented with the Taliban, then there will be opportunities for peace in this country, but this is a long way to go. »

Some political analysts in the United States also believe that peace talks with the group that is still emphasizing on the continuation of the battle, will not benefit anyone. “I think it’s a mistake to engage with the group that Hose continued to carry out assaults and take responsibility for attacking US troops in Helmand and Maidan Wardak,” said Mianis Kasikanis. If the Taliban do not want peace with the current Afghan government, let the new government work in this country and decide on the peace and war in that country. ”

These statements are being made while the United States had previously announced that it would withdraw Afghanistan completely all its forces in five years if the Taliban reached an agreement with Washington on peace process of Afghanistan.

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