Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

US President Donald Trump has said with a new alert to Iran that Washington will face Washington’s supreme power if Iran intends to invade the United States.

“I think that Iran will make a big mistake if it does something. It will be answered with great power,” Trump told a press conference for journalists.

Earlier, the president of the United States wrote on his Twitter page that if Iran wanted to fight the United States, it would be the end of the country.

The United States had already deployed seven warships and a patrol rocket defense system in the wake of the deteriorating situation around Iran and the Persian Gulf.

The Pentagon also said that all their forces were deployed to defend the Iranian forces’ attacks and invasions.

But Donald Trump had previously said that the United States did not want a war with Iran, and Iran would be the end of Iran if Iran wanted to attack the United States. Ali Khamenei, the Iranian religious leader, also said that Iran was not in the wake of the war with the United States, and they are in a defensive position.

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