Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a chief executive officer of Afghanistan, said that the formation of the national unity government was an opportunity, given the wide presence of the personalities and political movements in it, but it would have been better today if it were to be used well.

According to the report, Mr. Abdullah, the CEO of National Unity government at the ceremony of the seventeenth anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud, said that he celebrating the martyrdom of national hero, means courage of all the martyrs and victims of the liberation struggles of the Afghan people throughout history, especially in the past four decades.

Mr. Abdullah mentioned the championship of the martyr Massoud in the fight against terrorism and said the national hero on his trip to France in response to a journalist’s question said that if the world does not help the Afghan people in the fight against terrorism and peace, sooner or later terrorism will insecure all the countries of the world.

The chief executive said that the national hero had a wide-ranging vision and understanding for years, and he recognized the threat of terrorism to the global community. Referring to the visit of the Secretary of Defense and United States to Kabul, Mr. Abdullah pointed out that a few years ago, General James Metis, the current defense secretary of the United States, visited Panjsher and went to shrine of commander Masoud, he said: “if we listen to this great man We would never have current problems.”

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