Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Today after several weeks of tensions, elections for selecting parliament speaker was resumed twice for the second time. In the second round of electing parliament speaker process, Ahmed Jawaid Jaihoon and Mir Afghan Safi competed and 236 House of representative members used their votes to elect the Speaker. The legislature’s vote was 119 and it was the mandate to win the speakers seat, but both candidates were failed to reach the speakers’ position after holding twice round of in the second round of after elections.

Malik Qais Noor Agha, the interim speaker for house of representative said after the end of the second round of selecting speakers elections: “To elect the speaker of the parliament, 236 votes were used, and the candidate was responsible to achieve 119 votes as the mandate of this round, but Jawaid Jaihoon, with 76 approved votes, and Meer Afghan Safi By gaining 88 approved votes, were not able to reach to the mandate and to be elected as parliament speaker, hence the election was dragged out to the third round, and tomorrow’s this round will be held.”

The election process for electing parliament speaker was drawn to the third round in a time, that earlier Mir Rahman Rahmani was announced as parliament speaker in the first round of selecting parliament speaker by achieving 123 votes, but the tensions of parliament members led to the cancellation of speakers election and the second round of this process was held two days after several weeks of tensions.

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