Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Correspondent: Maiwand Nawabi

After the election commissions held the most catastrophic election in Afghanistan in 2018, then President Ghani issued an order to introduce the electoral commissioners to the Attorney General’s Office, now Attorney General office spokesman Jamshid Rasouli said: “The charges on the former commissioners of the electoral commissions are filed a case of misuse of the competencies of the previous commissioners of the electoral commissions on an exhaustive basis by the panel of authorities, as a result of the investigations former commissioners, were required guilty in two areas, one in Kunar province, the seven commissioners of the commission Presidential Election and 3 Little Consumers Complaints under former President and two Election Commission Secretariat and Information Technology head were charged in these cases.

Mr. Rasouli continues to add that “their case has already been sent to the court. Similarly, in the Badakhshan constituency, there was a charge of corruption and increasing the number of prosecutors, as a result of investigations by relevant prosecutors, 12 former presidential commissioners and two former chairmen of the commission and election commissioner for information technology The defendant is known and their cases have been sent to the relevant court. ”

The Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman also emphasizes that, in order to support the election, the administration has taken measures in its justice approach, including the establishment of a specific committee on electoral affairs, technical and vocational training of central prosecutors And Provinces in the electoral affairs department, as well as the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Attorney General’s Office and the Independent Commission on Complaints and Information, to the relevant authorities.

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