Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, in a meeting with Mike Pompeo, had proposed a plan by to the state secretary of US that they must kill all Taliban leaders during talks with the American negotiating team. According to the Middle East Eye (MEE) in a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Mohammed bin Zayed, has said: “As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, it is more likely that the country will remain in the hands of bearded and bad guys.”

Rendering to the (MEE) institution: “By disputing peace talks, all the Taliban leaders can be killed, if the leaders of this group are completely eliminated, then the position of the Taliban in the peace negotiations would be weak and “It will be fragile in the battlefields and will be weaker than the past, and this group will endure Washington’s demands,” he said.

The agency still writes that Mike Pompeo was angry with these statements by the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, but did not comment on this. The US Secretary of State met with the crown prince of Emirates on January 12th.

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