Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehdi Nayibi

Following the end of the one-month tension in the parliament speaker elections and selection of Mir Rahman Rahmani, today, members of the House of Representatives voted for the first and second deputy speakers. According to reports, for the first deputy chairman Kamal Safi, Najibullah Nasser, and Alam Saye were nominated as the result of the first round of elections for the first deputy, Kamal Safi, with 37 votes, Najibullah Nasir, with 72 votes and Alem Saye with 93 votes Failed to win the first deputy seat, it was said that 235 votes were used in this round of elections, and the majority of votes for selection of deputies were 118 votes.

For the second vice-president Abdul Rahman Wardak, with 86 votes, and Roqia Nayel, with 113 votes, were also failed to become second vice speaker of the House of Representatives, it is expected that the second round of elections for appointing the deputies of the House of Representatives would held for tomorrow. It is expected that the members of parliament will begin to work on their fundamental tasks, with the completion of the House of Representatives management delegation.

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