Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

Rajab Tayeb Erdogan said at the 5th Youth Conference held by the Turkish Youth Foundation TUGVA in Diyarbakir City that the reason for buying a defense system and how to use it is clear. This, while solving the S-400 problem, as with previous issues, is based on common sense, logic, and common interests.

The theme of the S-400 Security System does not pose any danger to NATO security, the F35 project, and the United States, whoever knows this area knows this. Mr. Erdoghan also remarked: “We want young people to be free from the attitude and worldview that they choose from studying, researching and questioning, and not allowing them to abuse themselves. Our youth should not allow violent ideologies that give humans a tool. They should not be worthwhile for groups that seek to exploit them. Turkey will not sacrifice any of its children to vampires that are thirty-four years of blood and tears.

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