Pasbanan- Kabul:

Today, the European Union signed an agreement with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) in Kabul to provide €15.5 million in financial support for the upcoming Parliamentary and District Councils Elections in Afghanistan. This contribution will be mostly used to support the procurement of election-related materials and payment of salaries of temporary electoral staff recruited by Electoral Management Bodies Independent Election Commission and Elections Complain Commission. Outreach and public awareness campaigns will also benefit from this funding.

“The €15.5 million transferred today to UNDP is a concrete illustration of the European Union’s support to credible parliamentary and district elections in Afghanistan. It comes in a very timely manner as we need to encourage all citizens of this country to register and seize these elections as a golden opportunity to strengthen democracy and to help shape the country’s future”, said EU Ambassador to Afghanistan, Pierre Mayaudon.

According to the newsletter published by European Union, the EU is also committed to providing €15.5 million for the Presidential and Provincial Councils Elections in 2019. Meanwhile, the Afghan government has started distribution of electronic ID cards today.

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