Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Members of the European Parliament who are currently voting on the future of Afghanistan, condemn the rash conversations of US government with the Taliban. Members of the European Parliament who have met in Strasbourg of France, at the headquarters of the European Parliament, are worried about this decision. “Donald Trump administration talks with the Taliban, means violation of the many-year achievements that people of Afghanistan and the European Union together has gained, and these talks in fact the betrayal of Americans against Afghanistan and in the European Union achievement’s.” said Ana Gomez, Portugal’s representative in the European Union.

The EU politician continues to emphasize: “The Donald Trump government have launched a dialogue with the Taliban, in a time that currently Afghanistan’s is still the most dangerous country of the world, for the minorities of this country and especially to women and children in the country, are at risk. Now that they decide to surrender power to the Taliban again, this is shocking for all of the European Union and we are worried about the future of the people in this land. ”

Ana Gomez believes that, according to Afghan history, the country will achieve lasting peace in time that mutual respect among all parties would be implemented. “When it comes to Afghanistan, the only area in which peace can be provided in this country is in fact a way that all parties must respect each other, Afghanistan is now in a worst battle, and this country needs to be done much more. Now, with the new decision of United States, it has compromised all the opportunities and achievements of women’s rights, the right to education and other matters and it would create a worst condition in Afghanistan. ”

This member of the European Parliament considers Afghanistan as the most dangerous country in the world, in a time when the Taliban insurgents along with their discussions with the US delegation, have expanded their attacks on Afghan security forces, as in the latest attack, this group has killed 20 Afghan army soldiers and 25 others surrendered to the insurgents in Balamorghab district of Badghis province.

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