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After nearly four years of national unity government work, government leaders have not yet succeeded in starting the process of generating Electric ID cards. In most recent case, the Directorate of Population Registration confirms that Afghan citizens receive 30-40 thousand registered ID cards daily. “Application for obtaining ID cards in Afghanistan has increased,” Homayon Mohtat Head of Director of Population Registration added: “We have in 422 administrative offices active centers in Afghanistan, and we distribute from 30 to 40 thousand IDs every day. Currently we recruited 4,900 new employees in 422 administrative units of Afghanistan to distribute ID cards for elections. ”

But capital residents believe they are facing a lot of challenges in getting ID cards every day. Nouria, a resident of Kabul, who has been referred to the Directorate for Population Registration for three days to receive an ID card, told us: “There are so many Paper works in this institution. While the facilities are fresh, but we still have problems; the process of distributing are too long and its time consuming.” Abdul Rauf Ahmadi is another citizen who has came to this organization for receiving ID card for his son. He told to Pasbanan news agency: “The government is doing strange things. If we are given electric ID cards it would be very good, we will get rid of everything once, it gives us this paper ID cards, with hundreds of controversy, while several references must be made to confirm the correctness of these ID’s. ”

The Population Registration Office has no response to these complaints from citizens of but political analysts believe that the government is failing to distribute electric identity cards for political reasons. Mohammad Aziz Asifi, a political activist and civil activist, told Pasbanan News Agency: “My understanding of current situation is that the government will again delay the process of distributing electric IDs in order to gain power. Hence, the distribution of paper identification cards has increased.” The government talks about increase in the distribution of ID’s, which has long been reported by the Director of Population Registration that they are ready fo distribution of electrical identity cards as a test project.

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