Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Abdullah Abdullah was participating at the tenth day of Muharram mourning ceremony in western Kabul, he said that this year a large part of the Afghan people, especially in western Kabul, have been the victims of terrorist attacks and activates. Mr. Abdullah says: “while the calamities that Afghanistan faces, with the awakening and awareness of the enemy’s plots of various names, which impose tyranny and oppression on the people, all The citizens of Afghanistan are involved in this range, and the residents of the country must recognize these plots. ”

The chief executive of the country continues to state: “The clear objective of the enemy is to divide the people and communities in the country, they are willing to separate among the people under different names, their unwitting gods succeed at a time when we are hunted for conspiracy. But the method is the same, in fact, they have hanged their self to the people of Afghanistan. Their goal is to eliminate the name of this land. “He also added:” The creation of the domination of ignorance and tyranny is one of the fundamental methods of terrorist insurrection, and for a dream come true with this phenomenon, the reverence for the great God and the giving hands for the unity to one another, we can stand all together with one voice against these challenges.”

While terrorists have spread their deadly attacks in 15 provinces in the year, the number of civilian casualties has increased in 2018.

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