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Reporter: Gulab-u-din Amiri

Several members of the provincial council and residents of Ghazni criticized the increase in civilian casualties during air and night operations launched by security forces, saying that these operations should be very precise and targeted to prevent civilian casualties. Ghazni local officials also confirm that the civilian casualties have damaged and provided casualties during these operations, but they insist that the reason for the increase in these casualties is the displacement of the Taliban among the houses of the people and the use of roadside mines by the group.

Ghazni has witnessed more air strikes and overnight attacks by the security forces in the past two months, and the joint forces have carried out more than 260 air and command operations in the central and district of Ghazni, which, according to officials In Ghazni, heavy casualties have occurred on the government’s armed opposition. Hundreds of civilians have been injured during the operation, Ghazni provincial council sources say that about 40 civilians were killed and wounded in women and children during this period. Hassan Reza Yousefi, a member of the Ghazni Provincial Council, expressed his concern over Security forces and armed Taliban want to not hurt civilians during the clashes.

Photo: Yousefi

The residents of Ghazni continue to want the parties involved to end the war and bloodshed and end their peace. Nonetheless, nightly operations are one of the reasons for weakening the government’s armed opposition, with the Taliban using civilians as human shields, and nearly 20 civilians in the past two months have been detained in Ghazni, the governor’s spokesman Arif Nouri said. The clashes and blasting of roadside mines have died.

Photo: Arif Nouri

In spite of the increase in civilian casualties, residents of several districts of the province have repeatedly protested and demanded that the operation be stopped, the government said the pressure on the Taliban has led to the persecution of civilians, Forcing people to protest.

Photo: Civilian casualties

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan have always been a major concern of the United Nations and human rights institutions. The continuation of the war and the targeting of civilians in suicide attacks, mine explosions and bombs used by opposition terrorist groups and, in some cases, civilian casualties in air strikes, is a major factor in the increasing incidence of civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

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