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Report: Shershah Nawabi

In a high peak of frustration and tensions among Afghanistan citizens, three days of Eid was celebrated in a peaceful and secure environment in the country. Only in second day of Eid a suicide attack of so called Islamic state killed and injured dozens of Taliban fighter and Afghanistan security force members in Rodat district of Nangarhar. But here in Kabul, Afghan government once again called for extending of cease-fire for unconfirmed date. Afghanistan president has urged Taliban to prepare their self for extending two side cease-fire to end the bloodshed in the country. Proposal that until now Taliban has responded as ending of the cease-fire in the third day of Eid.

President Ghani has said in his massage that Afghan citizens wishes that Taliban will respond positively to this request, meanwhile he has ordered all Afghan security and defense forces to stop fight against Taliban, but the Security forces must be prepared for defending Afghanistan in any cost. Meanwhile all afghan citizens in Kabul and other provinces of the country has praised for this efforts of two sides and they urge Afghan government and Taliban fighter to stop the war, they said that Afghan people are tired from killing of their country man and women. Gul Ahmad a residence of Kabul says: Yesterday while Taliban reached in to capital at the first stage it was too strange for me, but after a while I preferred this act as a good result of peace needed in the country especially in the capital of Afghanistan.

On this regard a few Afghan citizens and analytics believes that that this cease-fire is silence before beginning of a big storm in the country. Sayeed Idress Monawar Journalism student in Kabul says: “while a few afghan citizens has known this cease-fire a good step and they are optimistic for ending the violence for a few days but in my point of view this step is silence before storm. The Afghan government and Afghan citizens must be aware of this treat.” But a few military analysts believe that for Afghan citizens peace and stability is more important than other needs. Atiqullah Amarkahil military analyst emphasized: “there is no doubt that ending war for a few days are sign of peace need among Afghanistan people. I believe that the government and also Afghan should stand on their commitments for peace and the cease-fire must extend for more.”

On the other hand, several Islamic clerks in different parts of the country says: “three days peace in Eid days showed that Afghan citizens want peace and an end to this war in Afghanistan, we urge both side (Afghan Government and Taliban) to extend cease-fire, because we believe our well is in peace. Kabul was witness of Taliban presence Yesterday. Even Wais Ahmad Barmak Interior minister and also Dawood Amin Kabul police commander went to Company area to welcome Taliban fighters to Kabul.”


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