Pasbanan- Kabul:

After terrorist attacks launched by insurgents on Wednesday in Kabul city, eyewitnesses of PD 10 attack says: “terrorists were brought by black glasses vehicle. I believe that this car was armored and it is unbelievable to every one that terrorists can enter an area which is called green zone. first, one suicide bomber blows himself and after a while, the black vehicle with black glasses stoped in the area, after a while some insurgents entered the area by shouting Allah-O-Akbar, and suddenly they started shooting in the incident scene.”

According to another eyewitness: “It was around 12 PM that terrorists start their attack on a civilian compound, mostly those people who came to get their visas from a private company, first a terrorist was looking to blow up himself among the civilians, but he was unable. after five-time of trying he was successful to blow up himself in front of the compound, after a while, 4 others tried to shot down civilians. how we can believe that we have a government and how we can trust them. this country is not secure, it means that Afghanistan is not our land and we must abandon this geography. look I have made bread but it is completely destroyed. we are insecure and we don’t know what should we do.”

Meanwhile, Afghan interior minister has announced that terrorists are carried by vehicles which have black glasses. he has also warned the people that this incident has brought an insecure environment to the people. taliban took responsibility for this attack. at the same time according to Public health ministry at least 10 people most of them civilians were killed and at least 23 others got injured during two incident in Kabul attacks. but National Directorate of security has announced that recent attacks in Kabul were designed by Haqqani network in cooperation with Lashkar-e-Tayeba.


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