Pasbanan- Kabul:

Early morning Taliban attacked the center of Farah province and expand their attacks. In recent news, fighters of this group have captured several police districts and National Directorate of security department in this province. Reports show that currently Taliban are placed within the one-kilometer distance of the governor’s office and they have expanded their attacks. It is also reported that after capturing National Directorate of security department they have blazed this building into the fire.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses say: until now Taliban has captured Police department districts 2 and 3. Abdul Hamid Shaekari, a residence of Farah center told PMG: until now around 200 Army members are killed and injured in this attack. According to Shekari: until now two Police districts are falling down in hand of Taliban and fight for capturing police district one is ongoing. Until now 2 MI 17 helicopters target Taliban from the air, meanwhile, all officials of Farah have come to the airfield and they are waiting to escape. Even they are not picking up their phone’s to speak with reporters.

At the same time, unconfirmed reports say that in these clashes between security forces and Taliban Police commander and Security head of Farah were killed by Taliban fighters. Meanwhile, Taliban has claimed that they have captured several parts of the city and they were able to seize a high amount of ammunition and armor vehicles.

Reports show that currently Afghan commandos are deployed in the city and they are trying to clean up the city. At the same time, a security official told Pasbanan that recently all government offices in Farah has fallen down in hand of Taliban.

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