Pasbanan- Kabul:

Abdul Baser Salangi, governor of Farah has claimed in a phone call with media that attacks on Farah were designed outside of Afghan borders. Abdul Baser Salangi told a private media in Kabul: “The war in Farah is ongoing. This attack was designed from outside of Afghanistan and terrorists started their attacks from last night and they have expanded their fight until now.”

From another hand, Farah local elders and provincial council officials claimed that currently heavy fight in this province is ongoing. Local elders have claimed that Iran has shaped new groups on that side of the border and they are willing to take part in the current fight. The raised making of Baksh Abad dam in Farah one of the reasons.

At the same time, Afghanistan National Defense Ministry announced that Farah was designed in Pakistan. Mohammad Radmanish deputy spokesman of Defense Ministry has added: “all terrorist groups including central Asian countries fighters are present in Pakistan. All equipment is gathered in Pakistan and it is carried by traffickers into Afghanistan. Mafia and terror groups are using this equipment for expanding their fight in several provinces of the country. And this kind of operations are designed by foreigners and also Taliban implement such issues.”

At the time Farah provincial council had urged the government to send more troops to this province. Provincial Council officials also told that currently Taliban attack is set back and security forces are currently fighting back Taliban.


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