Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

A number of Faryab local reporters have claimed that after the president’s visit to that province, all of the president Ghani plans for media coverage have been left out and presidential security officials have not been able to let the reporters to take part in the coverage of the program. The reporters also said: “Two days before Ghani’s visit to Faryab, all reporters were registered by the responsible authorities, but after Ghani’s visit the province, presidential security officials did not allow reporters to cover the president’s programs.”

But the Presidential Palace says the reason for this: “In such travels, the president’s discussion of media sharing is not pre-coordinated, and sometimes it will be done for security reasons, but at all team meetings, of the president are generally covered by the Media team of presidential palace that covers these programs and supplies the materials to domestic and foreign media.”

These statements are being made when President Ghani inaugurated several large projects in Faryab on his trip to this province.

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