Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

In the aftermath of female nominees’ protests in the past parliamentary elections, some of these nominees seized and sew their mouths and demanded justice. The candidates, who had launched a street protest near the presidential palace two months ago because of the announcement of the election results by the IEC, have claimed that their voices have not been heard. According to the reports, at least four opposition protest candidates, all of whom are ladies, had sewed their lips and they have called on the government and the election commissions to observe large scale corruption and fraud in the past parliamentary elections. They have also stated that the government is responsible to create a special court to address the corruption issue in the past election.

Dewa Neyazi, Arezo Safi, Hadyah Hamidi, and Heela Mujtaba are those female candidates of the past parliamentary candidates who have sewed their lips and emphasize that they will not stop their protests until the government will hear their voice and observe their case, and they will defend their clients’ votes. While former electoral commission members have been accused of manipulating the elections, and currently their cases have already been investigated by the judiciary system.

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