Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

According to the domestic media, a number of female prisoners complained of not allowing them to meet privately with their husbands. The women have said that “no female prisoner in the country’s prisons is allowed to privately visit or interact with their husbands, they have also said that the women are in worst situation on this occasion. They still said that they have not been able to meet with their husbands in privet so for several years. They have also said that the prison authorities have not allowed them to meet with their husbands or their family members.

Meanwhile, authorities in the country’s prisons have banned private visits of female prisoners and their main concern is the pregnancy of these women, by adding that such cases may create new challenges for women and also the prison authorities. Some lawyers also believe that, according to Afghan law, in particular the law of the prisons of Afghanistan any prisoner, he or she have the complete rights such as getting education facilities, private visit, and health care during their detention period in Afghanistan prisons.

Some psychologists also believe that if women whom are married, will not have some sexual relationships with their husbands this problem will cause mental challenges and negative consequences in their everyday lives. According to them, the continuation of this situation may led to the abuse of female prisoners. In the long run, they insist that this problem becomes a weak point for female prisoners and that they will be sexually exploited illegally.

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