Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakaib Zaheer

European media have reported that the warm air condition in the European continent has increased, and due to this natural disaster one of the German citizens who was driving his motorcycle naked was fined by Traffic police, according to reports due to bad luck this man was found guilty, and the German police gave him 200 euros fine, according to reports: “Police in Brunswick, a northeastern state of Germany on Wednesday said overheating in the continent caused a German citizen to ramp up the heat without wearing any cloth, but the traffic police has been penalized him for over 200 euros as he breaks the public order and the law.”

The images published in the European media indicate that a motorcyclist is riding in a naked state and the traffic police have stopped him to be interrogated. In addition, the German man has said that this act of Traffic police was awful to him and he has added: “The excessive heat caused me to get out of the house without clothes, but the traffic police gave me a 200 euro fine, and this is unfair because everyone knows. It takes the warmth of the human being and I did it. “Now these images are handled in virtual networks and have inspired different views on this function of the citizen.

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