Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The First Lady emphasizes in a video message on the occasion of 8 march “Women’s Day” that Afghan women are calling for unconditional peace. In the message Rola Ghani, says: the polls show that Afghan women’s hatred of sending their children body to them in these clashes. “Afghan women want an immediate end to the current war and they are willing for a sustainable peace.” she added “In addition, some women want to put an end to the death of their children after clashes. Eventually, all the women in the country want to make a loud voice so that peace can be provided in Afghanistan. ”

Rola Ghani continues to emphasize that after these efforts mad isolated women, of the country will have a loud voice to fight against injustice as well as current disparities. “Ladies in Afghanistan are calling for an immediate cessation of war, bloodshed and an immediate ceasefire between the government and the Taliban,” said Ms. Ghani. “In past18 years afghan women were marginalized by political problems, but today women have the same power and ability at the social and political level to raise their own voice.”

She also convinced that next year Afghanistan will have a time of peace and stability. First lady Rola Ghani says: “Today, women want to have a representative and represent themselves. I am proud of the courage and determination of the Afghanistan women, and I am sure that they will make significant progress, we hope that in the coming years, we will hold the women’s day in peace and stable conditions, and the sound of the war in this country will be shut down forever. »

Meanwhile, the government of Afghanistan recently convened a national consensus on women’s peace with the participation of 1,500 women from all over the country, in which all women called for an immediate end to current war and unconditional peace.

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