Reporter: Mohammadin Agharkhil

The Minister of Public Health, known by the world’s most acclaimed institution, won the Statue of the Best Minister, He says that although a large number of citizens travel to Pakistan for treatment, the country learns management lessons from Afghanistan. He emphasizes that most countries in the world want to learn management education from Afghanistan

According to Mr. Firuz, the acquisition of this statue will increase their responsibilities and the Ministry of Public Health will try to succeed in leading-edge tests. He insists: “Afghanistan has managed to cope with 20 percent of illnesses in the past four years, in fact, the Pakistanis are asking the Afghan government to teach them how to treat their children with nutrition. Although now the health sector of the country has gained world credibility, it is still dependent on global aid. ”

The Minister of Public Health at the same time gains a statue of “the best minister” in the world, which is still being visited by most citizens of the country to treat various diseases in India and Pakistan. Along with that, one of the key concerns is the entry of poor quality drugs from Pakistan and neighboring countries, which is considered to be the biggest challenge facing the health sector in the country.

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