Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

The Kabul Ministry of Interior and Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding that after this Kabul municipality will have, at least 409 military member unit and these forces will operate independently and subordinated to prevent the wrath of the land in the capital. Afghan Interior Ministry Interior Minister Masoud Andarabi announced at a press conference that the troops are being provided by the Interior Ministry, but the responsibility for its management lies with the Municipality of Kabul. Mr. Andarabi adds: “The Kabul Municipality police unit has been created in the capital of the country to prevent land seize, land reclamation and the prevention of arbitrary construction, with the formation of more than 400 military members unit. »

Mr. Andarabi warns the security forces that no police officer has the right to interfere in construction work in Kabul. “With the implementation of the adaptive plan of this piece, no military personnel, including intelligence officers, intellect and other forces in the Kabul, are not allowed to intervene in the construction sector,” he added. “When a policeman intervenes in urban construction after the formation of this piece of intervention, citizens of the capital must sue the Ministry of Interior to take legal action against such persons as soon as possible and to prevent widespread corruption and accusations against the police.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kabul aims at preventing the usurpation and extraction of land in the capital and emphasizes that these forces can largely prevent exploitation and corruption in construction projects in the capital.

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