Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Afghan Defense Ministry officials announced that during Afghan airstrike at least four senior ISIS commanders were killed in Nangarhar. The Ministry of National Defense has stated in their recent Newsletter: “Four Key commanders of ISIS-K were killed in three districts of Nangarhar which were known as ISIS-K strongholds in eastern Afghanistan.

“The operations were launched in Achaean, Pachiragam and Khogyani districts of the province, which is believed to be the safe havens of the ISIS-K group, and the attack by the Afghan Air Forces to eliminate these nests has led to air strikes, at the result of this air strike at least four senior commanders of the group was killed.”

Nangarhar is considered as a safe haven and the birthplace of ISIL in Afghanistan. Since several years, the group has been attempting to build strong sanctuaries in the eastern Afghanistan, but has been destroyed by the country’s security forces.

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