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Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

A large number of prayers were killed and wounded in two shootouts at two mosques in Christchurch of New Zealand. But local media cited that at least 27 people were victimized in these two events. The statistics are not officially approved by New Zealand officials.

“The statistics of the dead and injured in the incident are not yet accurate,” said New Zealand Police Chief Mike Bush. “But the police have been able to arrest at least four suspects including a woman in connection with these incidents. A lot of explosives have been seized from the suspect. According to reports “Mosque of Noor” is the first mosque that came under attack of this group.

However, the witnesses of the event say: “They have seen a black-suited man who entered the mosque, and then several sounds of firing were heard from the mosque. “Before the arrival of security forces, the suspect person escaped from the scene,” said one of the witnesses who went to help the prayers at the mosque. “I saw the dead bodies everywhere that was terrible incident I have ever seen.”

According to Reports, the Linwood mosque was the second place which was attacked after lunch on Friday. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Alderan said this Friday was one of the “darkest” days in response to these two deadly attacks in New Zealand’s history.

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