Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa-Ghour

Ghour’s local authorities announce the submission of a four-member Taliban group to the peace process. According to local officials, the group has been carrying out terrorist activities for a year in the western regions of Firozkooh, but they have joined the government as a result of the efforts of security forces and tribal elders. Ghulam Nasser Khazai, governor of Ghour, said: “Joining these people to the peace process can be a positive step towards strengthening security in Ghour. Armed groups of the government are working in many ways to harass people and horror.”

He called on all segments of society to work together and stand up against insurgents who are causing irregularities in Ghor province and disrupting people’s lives. Governor Ghour said that foreign countries are an important challenge in Afghanistan, that foreign countries are working hard to harass the people of Afghanistan.

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